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TECH-NIQUES is a specialized technology & consultation company based in Arizona’s East Valley.

For over 10 years we have provided technology services for companies in
Arizona, Nevada and Washington.

No longer limited to traditional IT solutions, we now provide a broad range of services including Industrial CommunicationsProject Management and Industry Consulting, Web & Social Media Development, and Social Media Training.
Whether you are seeking support for traditional computer, phone and server operations, or looking to the future in hosted service and automation, we are prepared to help guide your business 100% of the way. Contact us today to schedule your free business assessment.


“To create systems that are efficient, stable and sustainable, which enable an operator with reasonable training to operate them to the purpose of high return or value balanced with low risk and cost.”


“When designing technology for your organization, the starting point should be your business process. Then find the tools that best fit the needs. It can be an interactive process, but the business process should be the leader.”

“Islands of Technology can pop up like weeds. They become very hard (and expensive) to manage and usually are not congruent with the overall objective of the organization. Start with your business process and let that guide what tools are used to manage.”

“Your website is like putting your business in front of a mirror. It should reflect your brand clearly, define the purpose of your brand/product/or service, and most importantly portray the passion and commitment that drives your business and tells potential customers why you are their best choice.”


Owner, Technology Specialist

Building Operator Certification
Electrical Safety for Commercial/Industrial Facilities
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Former Microsoft Employee
20+ years in the field of Technology
Nearly 30 years in Research and Education
Director of Research and Development -GENTECH


Creative Director

Over 15 years combined experience in photography and graphic design. An additional 3 years of social media marketing & web design.

John von Lehe

Industry Expert